Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

I’m joining a link-up, which is my newest favorite thing to do.  This one is called…

1.  I hated my curly hair so much when I was in my twenties, I actually bought a product strictly intended for relaxing African-American hair.  (My theory was that if it works on those types of coarse curls, it’ll definitely work on mine.)  I completely fried my hair.  I had to have a hairstylist fix it and by the time she was done, I had the shortest hair of my life.

2.  I name my cars.  My current car (pictured below) is named Finnegan McGillicuddy.  He was “born” on St. Patrick’s Day.

3.  I love, worship, adore Neil Diamond.

4.  I’m obsessed with elderly people.  I think they’re the cutest, sweetest, most adorable people in the world.  Whenever I see them, my heart melts and I get tears in my eyes.  It’s all I can do not to run over to them and squeeze the heck out of them.  I’ve been known to sneak pictures of them too:

That is – when my husband doesn’t try to block me:

(He doesn’t quite understand my fascination with cute little elderly people.)

5.  I have the smartest, most adorable stepdaughter and I fall more in love with her whenever she visits.

6.  I not-so-secretly LOVE when my husband plays Poker with his friends every other Friday.  I get the house to myself to cuddle with Pi and watch the movies I never get to watch when he’s home.

7.  I will often leave empty boxes around the house without breaking them down and putting them into the recycling bin because Pi loves them so much.

8.  My favorite NFL team has always been the New York  Giants, even before I met my New York-born husband.  (It wouldn’t have mattered anyway since he’s a *cough* Buffalo Bills *cough* fan.)

9.  After meeting my husband 5 1/2 years ago and watching tons of hockey games with him, I’ve become a HUGE Buffalo Sabres fan.  Ryan Miller, a Michigan State alumni, is my favorite player.

(This year’s Hallmark ornament!)

10.  My favorite restaurant is Carrabba’s and my favorite food there is the manicotti.

11.  I often (very often!) take pictures of my husband and my cat Pi.

Even when they glare at me as if to say they’ve had enough:

12.  I love buttered rolls.  My dad and my husband both tease me about it.  I really like buttered rolls.

13.  The only part of my body that I really like are my legs.  (Even though my left one now has a huge scar from my surgery.)

14.  I love the watches and bracelets trend going around right now, but it’s hard for me to pull it off.  I tried it yesterday and within a couple of hours, I was ready to rip everything off.  I don’t know why but it bothers me to have things on my wrists.  (This coming from the girl who used to never leave the house without her watch.)

(See?  I tried!)

15.  When President Obama came to the University of Michigan, where I work, my friend Lindsey and I got to work as parking lot attendants.  This is the cool vest we got to wear:

16.  One of my many pet peeves are those stick figure families that people put in the back window of their vehicles.  Although I saw one on the way to work last week that made me smile.  It was just a single female stick figure with a dog.  I wanted to pull up next to her and give her a thumbs-up!

(I will admit these U of M ones are pretty cool – and I love the Star Wars ones I saw online.)

17.  When I married my husband, only the first and the last letters of my last name changed.  The four letters in-between stayed the same.  Also, my husband has a cousin whose name is identical to mine.  We share the same first, middle and last name.

18.  I have a gorgeous family.

(My brother Matt, my mom and my dad celebrating Matt’s 32nd birthday last weekend.  I hate that I miss out on moments like these because Michigan is so damn far from Tennessee.)

19.  I love to take pictures of the squirrels in our yard.  Here’s one who’s eating a peanut that I threw to him:

20.  I’m secretly glad we couldn’t afford a honeymoon.  I could never leave Pi for that long.

21.  I’ve never had a professional manicure or pedicure.

22.  I’m extremely self-conscious about my fang teeth and mistakenly mentioned that to a caricaturist at John’s good friend Rand’s wedding.  Now I’m stuck with this drawing:

(Luckily, I can laugh at myself.)

(It’s rare that I smile with my fangs showing, but you can see one in this picture.)

23.  I often wonder what life would have been like if my dad hadn’t died when I was eight years old.  I wonder which traits I have that I share with him.  I sometimes imagine what it would be like to meet him after work for dinner and share details about our day.  I would have loved having two dads in my life as I was growing up, but I know for certain that my dad (Daddy Thom) is very proud of the job my dad (Daddy Bert) did in raising me.

(I love how focused I am watching Daddy Thom with my Sunshine Family dolls.)

24.  I have a tendency to get far too emotionally involved in tragedies in the news.  It recently happened when two children were killed in a car accident very close to the city of Milan where I grew up.  Even more recently, it’s happening with the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  I can’t stop thinking about the families of the victims and what they’re going through.  I can’t stop thinking about the parents of the deranged lunatic who pulled off such a vicious crime and what they’re going through.  (There’s a movie starring Tilda Swinton called Let’s Talk About Kevin that deeply affected me.  It’s from the viewpoint of the parent of a kid (Kevin) who was responsible for a school shooting, much like Columbine.)  Things like this rip me to my core.  I want so much to try to make sense of what happened, but it’s just not possible.  I’ve consumed every bit of information about the Aurora shooting and it has left me frightened and saddened beyond belief.  (I know it’s completely irrational, but I can’t even bring myself to go to the movie theatre.  As much as I want to see The Dark Knight Rises, I think I’m going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD.  I’ve read the exact time into the movie when the shootings began and I know I would think about it during the movie.)  It really bothered me when I saw a picture of the six-year old girl who was killed.  She had started swimming lessons earlier that week.  My stepdaughter is seven years old and in swimming lessons herself.  It tears me apart to think of someone taking her from our lives.  I cannot even begin to imagine how her family is feeling.  It kills me when people are so quick to be critical of the fact that she was even at the movies at midnight in the first place.  Why do people blame the victims?  Is it a self-righteous attitude that makes them think they’d never have lost their child in that shooting because they’d never bring their child to a midnight showing of a movie?  Why place judgement on the victims when they’re already suffering some of the greatest losses imaginable?  The fact is no one knows when they walk out the door every morning if they’ll return at the end of the day.  There’s no guarantee.  When I had my heart attack, I left for work as usual and had laundry and stuff to do when I got home that evening.  Needless to say, I didn’t return home for four more days.  You just never know.

Oops.  I didn’t mean to get carried away, but I guess I proved my point about how emotionally involved I get.  It’s not healthy, I know, but these things really upset me and consume my every thought.

25.  I collect pens.  It wasn’t an intentional collection.  It’s just that I fall in love with new ones all the time.  (I could get lost in an office supply store for hours!)  My latest favorite pen is the Papermate InkJoy.  It’s a ballpoint pen that writes as smooth as a gel pen.  I love it!

26.  I have an adverse reaction to heat.  I’m almost always too hot.  (Luckily, my husband and I share this and never fight over the thermostat.)

27.  I’m a sweater.  And not like, “I’m a hoodie!”  I sweat a lot.  It’s embarrassing, but it goes right along with #26.  I don’t know what’s going to happen when I hit menopause and have hot flashes.  I might spontaneously combust.

28.    I’m addicted to The Ville on Facebook.  Here’s my avatar:

And here’s my house:

(I had to take two screenshots.  It’s big!)

29.  I’m a stepmother, but I hate that title.  I like that my stepdaughter just calls me Nikki and has since she was two years old.

30.  I’m a hypochondriac who spends far too much time on WebMD.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

  1. Hey Nikki,
    Thanks for sending me a link to you blog! It is enjoyable. ^_^ Oh, and the comment about the kid out too late at the movies… I haven’t watched anything about the shootings (I don’t hardly get to watch adult programming anymore. sigh.), but, I totally agree with you.
    That’s all.

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