1. Growing up our family animal was

 Usually a dog – Ollie, Sandy, Amy – just to name a few.  I also had two cats – Tiger and Tigger – but they had to live outside.


Me and Sandy

2. My first pet was named


 Me and Ollie

3. My favorite kind of animal is

 It’s impossible to list just one so I’ll list my top favorites – meerkats, squirrels, giraffes, raccoons, ring-tailed lemurs, cats, dogs.


I adore meerkats.

4. The most exotic animal I love is?

 The snow leopard.


5. The animal I am most scared of is


6. My favorite bird is

 Michigan’s state bird – the robin.  I also love blue jays (even though they’re mean), bluebirds, zebra finches and cardinals.


A beautiful blue jay.

The zebra finches I used to own – Gilligan and Skipper.

7. The biggest animal I have owned is

 Our chocolate lab named Amy.


8. I am _______ allergic to animals

Supposedly allergic to cats, according to an allergist I went to years ago, but I don’t have any symptoms around cats, especially not with Pi.

 9. The last time I visited a zoo was when

John and I took a mini-vacation to Mt. Pleasant to see Betty White perform.  The day before we left to come home, we went to the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek where we were able to feed giraffes! 


My mom and I at a zoo many years ago.

10. My next pet will be

 If Pi will allow it, I really want to get a guinea pig for Marissa.  She wants one and I’ve had five in the past so I’d enjoy taking care of one again.

Boo – one of the guinea pigs I owned.

I’m an animal lover to the extreme so I thought I’d mention some of my personal favorites as well.

My pug sisters – Dixie and Dolly – and my nephew – Bayou.

My grandma’s dog – Duke – who now belongs to my cousin Jason.

Willy and Shiloh – who belong to my friends Jim and Andrea.

Mocha – an energetic little one who used to belong to my brother.

Max – who belongs to my friend Jason.

And, of course, the best one of all – my beautiful kitty Pi.





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