As Seen On TV

I love informercials.  I could watch them all day long.  It’s a good thing I live on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis or else I’d have the UPS man dropping deliveries at my door every single day.  I never buy things through the informercials though – never.  I wait until the product comes to stores and then, after much research, if it still sounds good, I’ll buy it.  Walmart sells As Seen On TV products, but I usually prefer to get them at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They always have a 20% off coupon that I can use.  I’ve only purchased four things that were from infomercials and I love all four of them!

The first one is a miracle product.  It truly is.  It’s the Ped Egg.  Other people’s feet completely gross me out (Please don’t ever touch me with your bare foot.), but I take very good care of my own feet.  No matter how rough my heels have become, the Ped Egg always leaves them super smooth and soft.  If you don’t have one yet, go buy one now.  I’ll wait.

I saw in Walmart the other day that they now have a battery-operated Ped Egg.  I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing that one sometime soon.

The second product is the Turbie Twist.  I love mine!  I’m that girl who walks around with her wet hair in a towel while she does her make-up and such.  I used to get neck pain from holding my head up with a giant towel wrapped around it, but then I met the Turbie Twist.  It’s wonderful and so comfortable!  I even pack one in my suitcase whenever John and I travel.

The third product is the Wonder File.  I ended up buying this at Walmart because it was cheaper than Bed Bath and Beyond, even with the 20% off coupon.  I’m such a geek about organizing.  If I could afford it, I’d have mountains of plastic bins labeled with their contents all over the house.  But, since I can’t afford it, I use things like the Wonder File.  It folds up into a neat rectangle and barely takes up any space.  I’m so happy I purchased it.

The fourth product is the Genie Bra.  It’s like the Ahh Bra, except that the Genie Bra has removable pads to make it less, um, revealing.  It may be the ugliest looking thing in the world, but it’s extremely comfortable.  TMI alert – My bra is usually the first thing I take off when I get home from work, but I don’t do that with the Genie Bra.  I forget I’m even wearing it!  It’s super comfy!  I’ve heard some women complain about the Genie Bra riding up on them, but I’ve never noticed that. 

Why am I writing about As Seen On TV products?  I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things.  Unfortunately I’m not getting paid for these reviews, but if any of these companies happened to see my blog and wanted to send me a lifetime supply of any or all of these items, I’d be forever grateful.  ;)  Yes, I daydream.

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