Lordy Lordy – Look Who’s 40!


I’m jumping the gun a bit.  It’s still four months and seventeen days until I turn the big 4-0.  I’m super excited about it!  And, no, I’m not being sarcastic – for once.  I really am excited, but I have no idea why.  I want to stand proudly and tell the world that I’m 40 years old!  (The anxious worrier in me is a bit cautious about sending this post before my birthday.  I’m worried I’m tempting fate and I’ll end up not making it to see my 40th birthday.  Yes, this is actually how my mind works.  Scary, isn’t it?)  I want all the totally cheesy 40th birthday decorations too – everywhere!  (I might even put them up for myself at home.  By the time I wake up on my birthday, I’ll have completely forgotten that I decorated the house the night before.  See?!  I found a plus to losing my mind!) 


My Daddy Thom died from Leukemia when he was only 31 years old and I had my heart attack at 37 years old.  I’m not sure if those two things factor into my joy/relief about turning 40 years old.  It’s spooky to think that I’ve lived eight years longer than my dad did.  I can’t imagine my world ending at only 31 years old.  But, of course, I’d give all those years up if it meant I could spend even a day with my dad again. 

I didn’t mean to get so heavy in this post.  I just wanted to say – BRING ON THE CHEESY!  I’M GOING TO BE THE BIG 4-0!!!



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