My Newest Celebrity Crushes

John and I each have a list of celebrity crushes and both lists are quite long.  The worst part?  We both keep adding to our lists. 

Here are my latest and greatest crushes:  (John rolled his eyes when I told him I was going to post these.) 😉


Jason Statham.  I do realize I’m late to the game on this one.  Women have been obsessed with him since The Italian Job.  Oddly enough, I own that movie and it’s one of my favorites, but it never occurred to me, until very recently, that Jason is smokin’ hot.  It wasn’t until we rented Killer Elite that the crush finally smacked me in the face.  Last night we watched him in Blitz so my heart is still all pittery-pattery.  (I can make up words if I want!)  He’s a lovely man – a lovely, lovely, lovely man – with an incredibly sexy accent.

Luke Evans.  I first noticed him when we watched The Immortals.  He plays Zeus.  He’s another lovely man with an incredibly sexy accent.  He reminds me a lot of the actor James McAvoy, but he’s a hotter version of him.  Luke is openly gay, which is fine with me.  His sexual orientation has nothing to do with whether he’s hot or not.  And he is hot – very hot. 


John has man crushes and I have girl crushes too.  It’s not that we want to knock boots with these people.  We just appreciate that they’re unbelievably good looking. 🙂




Megan Fox.  I cannot even believe I’m typing this right now.  Megan Fox used to annoy me like you woudn’t believe.  I’ve always thought she was sexy (I’m not blind.), but her characters in movies made me not like her.  That all changed when I saw her on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.  She was shy and sweet and not at all like I thought she’d be.  She reminded me heavily of a young Kim Delaney, who played Jenny Gardner on All My Children.  (Jenny Gardner was my first official girl crush.)  John doesn’t see the Kim Delaney connection, but then again, he refused to watch her on Ellen and that’s where I really saw it come through.  Like me, Megan is a stepmom and a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe.  We could easily be besties. 😉

Kim Delaney – “Jenny Gardner” on All My Children

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