20.  Before/After.  I have a new app addiction and it’s called Draw Something.  I downloaded it for my iPod Touch and I absolutely LOVE it!  John saw my list of people I’m playing against and he couldn’t believe how many there were.  (If you want to play me, my username is:  NikPo72.)  I was a big fan of the game show Win, Lose or Draw and this is very similar to that.  The app gives you three words to pick from and you have to chose one and then draw the person/place/thing and try to get your opponent to guess it.  For the one above, I chose a clown, obviously.  I’ll post some of my favorite drawings that I’ve done.

Star Wars





3 thoughts on “Before/After

    • I usually play on my iPod Touch, which is pretty difficult too, but I love the game! If I can get the iPad away from the hubby, it’s much easier to use, but getting it away from him is nearly impossible. 😉

    • I accidentally deleted our game on Draw Something and I’m freaking out! I’m so sorry! Please find me again – NikPo72. I tried to create a game with you but it wouldn’t let me.😦

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