2014 Friday Letters

Dear 2014,

You know how much I dislike even numbers and knowing you’re an even-numbered year doesn’t bode well for me.  Please leave me pleasantly surprised.

Dear Health,

Let’s try an INCLINE this year instead of the recent declines.  How about it?

Dear Sherlock,

YOU’RE BACK IN 16 DAYS, 7 HOURS AND 1 MINUTE!!  You have no idea how difficult it has been to not read the spoilers online since you aired the start of season three in the UK the other night.  I’m trying to stay strong.

Dear Michigan,

While it’s true that I enjoy the snow immensely (as long as I don’t have to drive in it), but you’ve already hit us extremely hard with yet another 6-12 inches expected Saturday night.  It’s only January 3rd!  You don’t have to dump it all on us at once.  Spread it out over the next two months.  Please.

Dear Husband,

It was fun trying to explain to you why I need new winter boots this year.  I said how I’ve had the same pair for the past 10+ years.  You brought up the fact that I have two pairs of boots – one brown, one black – that I hardly ever wear.  Silly husband, those are DRESS boots.  No one wears their heeled dress boots to tromp around in snow and ice.  My winter boots are like moon boots from my childhood – COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than dress boots.  Target even has boots separated into categories – winter boots, fashion boots, rain boots.  See?  It’s not just me.  :)

As you can see, the boots on the left do NOT go where the boots on the right can go.  They live in different worlds.

As you can see, the boots on the left do NOT go where the boots on the right can go. They live in different worlds.

Someday I’ll find a way to explain why I need five different pairs of black dress shoes.  Luckily for me, you haven’t noticed those yet.  I think you assume I wear the same pair all the time.  Silly husband.

Dear Winter Classic of 2013,

I enjoyed watching you from the warm comfort of my blanket while snuggling with my sweet kitty Pi instead of being there in person, but it was incredibly cool to watch the crews set up for you – right across the parking lot from my office!  Sometimes (most of the time!) it’s wicked awesome to work next to Michigan Stadium!  I try to never take that for granted.

Dear City of Buffalo,

I adore you!  Walking through the city on our way to and from the Sabres hockey game was such a treat!  I don’t know exactly what it is about your beautiful city, but it warms my heart whenever I’m there.  I told my husband, on the way home from New York, how proud people must feel to be able to say they come from the city of Buffalo.  I know I would be!

Dear Buffalo Sabres,

I’m so envious of anyone who can frequent the First Niagara Center for your hockey games!  I always have such an amazing time when I’m there watching my favorite goalie – RYAN MILLER – and the rest of you!  I was blown away by the friendliness of the Sabres fans I encountered while I was there too!  The entire evening was nothing short of amazing!  Thanks for winning one for your fans from Michigan!  LET’S GO BUFF-A-LO!!



Friday Letters


Dear Christian Bale,

THANK YOU for the movie Out of the Furnace!  You, my crush, in my favorite outfit on a guy – baggy jeans, work boots, a t-shirt, a hoodie and/or a flannel – and with that face of yours and that hair and those fake tattoos and that sexy facial hair – whew!  Is it getting hot in here?!



Dear Coworker,

When I’m singing along to Piano Man by Billy Joel, please do NOT come up to me and start bitching about things I could not possibly care less about.

Dear Breaking Bad,

Yes, we’re late to the party (very late!), but your show is the bomb, yo!  We’ve only made it through two seasons so far, but it’s nothing short of amazing!  And, darn you, Aaron Paul.  I don’t need another celebrity crush (I’m getting dangerously close to my husband’s number of celebrity crushes.), but you’re trying your hardest.  What a cutie you are, yo!

Dear Pi,

Thanks, baby kitty, for being there while I was home sick.  John admittedly isn’t good at taking care of sick people, but just having you with me made everything better.  I love you.

Dear Benedict Cumberbatch,

A MONTH!!  DO YOU HEAR ME?!  A MONTH!!  A month from today and Sherlock:  Season 3 starts!!  January 19th was always a sad day for me because of my heart attack in 2010, but this year I have a reason to LOVE January 19th!  YOU and Martin!  Moriarty!  Mycroft!  SCREAM!!!!!!!  I haven’t been this excited for anything since I had nearly front row tickets to The Monkees on June 23, 2011!!!

Dear Dad, Mom and Matt,

Why are our visits never long enough?  Why are they over seemingly before they begin?  I had such an amazing time when all of us were together again!  It’s ridiculous how much I miss you now that I’m back in Michigan.  I wish I could see you every weekend and every holiday.  (Until they move Tennessee closer to Michigan.  After that, obviously, we’ll see each other every day like we used to do.)  I love you with everything that I am.  You are my world.

Dear Lindsey,

I’m so very sorry for missing the Holiday Hustle!  I was looking forward to it so much!  Damn sucky immune system of mine!  But, I’m very proud of how well you did, not that I’m at all surprised!

Dear Universe,

Please let free tickets to the One Direction concert magically fall into my hands.  And, please, anyone who may be reading this, don’t ask any questions.

Dear Christmas Lights,

I wish you could stay up all year, all over the world.

Dear Marissa,

I’m ecstatic that you loved your Santa letter as much as you did!  You warmed this stepmother’s heart like you wouldn’t believe.

Dear John,

I’m sorry I’m a constant disappointment to you, but I never claimed to be perfect.  That’s the only defense I have.

Dear iTunes Radio,

Please don’t play It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones and not expect me to get up and do the Carlton dance.  It happens every single time.

Dear Finnegan McGillicuddy,

I know you’ve needed new front brake pads for a long time now.  I promise they’re coming soon.  Please don’t give up on me.

Dear GG,

You’re supposed to be Marissa’s pet, but you only let me pet, hold or touch you.  Marissa won’t hurt you.  I promise.  Give her a chance.

Dear Snow,

You’re so beautiful and you’re one of the things I love most about living in Michigan.  I just wish you could stay off the roads because it terrifies me to drive in you.  Let’s work on that, okay?

Dear Husband,

Thanks for driving me to work, when you can, since my brakes are basically shot.  I wasn’t looking forward to going Flintstones-style to stop my car.

Dear Charlotte,

I love you.  Thanks for being such an amazing friend!





Where Oh Where Have I Been?



I’ve been:

A) very sick.

B) in a lot of pain.

C) down and depressed.

D) stressed at work.

E) everything listed above.

I had a really horrible cold/sinus infection/whatever that has been hanging around for almost four weeks now.  It was at its worst the first week of December.  I actually missed a full week of work and I’m someone who almost never uses my sick time and especially not that many days in row.  I was beyond miserable.  It started with the worst sore throat (as if any sore throats are good) and a runny nose.  After about a week, it turned into a nasty cough, nasal congestion and every inch of my body was exhausted.  It took every bit of strength I had to make it from the couch to the bathroom or wherever I was headed.  Pi enjoyed having me home, except for the fact that I was coughing a lot and each time I did, it scared her and she jumped off of me.  Poor baby kitty.

I’ve also been in a lot of pain because of my hands.  I’ve probably mentioned it on my blog before.  I assumed it was Arthritis since my Daddy Thom and my grandpa both had it really bad.  The doctor I had been seeing didn’t do much for me, except for telling me to drink tart cherry juice.  I tried it, but it didn’t do much for me.  My pain continued to get worse to the point where my hand would go completely numb when it was above my head for any period of time.  (Like when I’d get ready in the mornings.)  I also noticed I kept dropping things – a lot.  I’m very clumsy already, but I was dropping things that I had a good grip on.

I finally decided I was going to find a new doctor.  I searched the Blue Cross and Blue Shield website and decided to go back to a doctor who specializes in Family Medicine.  I knew of an office of doctors in the Canton area that I had passed many times.  I started in that area with my search and immediately found a doctor who caught my eye.  I tried to summarize the information she listed on her online profile, but it’s best if I just quote her directly:

As a family medicine physician, Dr. S********* has clinical interests in women’s health, pediatrics and preventive medicine such as tobacco cessation and cancer screening. 

“I believe in shared decision making with the patient, with an emphasis on patients’ values and preferences. I believe in fostering an open and caring physician-patient relationship.”

I was sold immediately.  I booked an appointment online that very minute and cancelled the one I had with the doctor I had been seeing.

Fast-forward to the day of my appointment:  I walked into the lobby of the doctor’s office and I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed.  I knew I had made a good decision.  The rest of the appointment was much of the same – comfortable and easy.  I liked the nurse and the doctor immediately.  At my last doctor’s office, they thought I was overly anxious so I had to fill out a ridiculous form each time I went there.  “Do you have thoughts of killing yourself presently?”  “No.”  “Do you have thoughts of harming others presently?”  “Well, I didn’t until I walked in here and you people started treating me like this!”  Ugh.  Back to my new doctor, she first tested me for strep throat, which I didn’t have, luckily.  She said I probably had a viral infection that wouldn’t be cured with antibiotics, but she gave me the names of some OTC medicines that would help me.  (And they did!)  She then concentrated on the pain in my hands.  She did several tests with me, especially since I had mentioned the Arthritis in my dad and my grandpa.  She had me go – that very day – to the lab, which was down the hall, for blood tests and x-rays to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis.  She said I definitely have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but she suspects I also have the beginnings of Arthritis.  She said she believes it to be Osteoarthritis, which is the kind that you can’t do much for, except to rest your hands when they’re most painful and  use ice and Ibuprofen for pain as well.  For my CTS, she said we’ll start with a brace (which I haven’t been able to afford yet) and then move on to shots if the pain gets worse.  I finally had answers to the things I’ve pestered my other doctor about to no avail.  In one visit, Dr. S did more for me than Dr. H has done in 4-5 visits.  Amazing!

 (My hands are actually killing me right now.  I haven’t typed this much in a month or more.  I’ll try to wrap it up soon.  I promise.  Well, I promise to try.)

My depression has all had to do with money or, rather, the lack of money.  I’ve been in a vicious cycle of negative account balances and massive bank fees from those negative balances.  As soon as I get paid, the money is gone again.  I can’t seem to get ahead, even a little bit.  I hit an all-time low when my doctor gave me those OTC medicines to look for and suggested the brace for my CTS.  I still haven’t had the money for the brace and I had to finally break down and ask John to borrow $12.00 so I could get my medicines.  (I tried to get by for a few days with medicines I had already in the house, but nothing was helping the coughing and congestion.)  I cannot even begin to tell you how degrading and embarrassing it is to have to ask to borrow money, especially from your own husband.  Now it’s nearly Christmas and I’m left with less than $40 to get through this week and next before I get paid again.  I cannot even afford to get presents for John or Marissa.  I’ve cried a lot about all of this, not that crying does any good.  (And if you know me, I cry at everything – happy or sad, fun or scary, excited or exhausted.)  I’ve never known stress of this level before and I can say with all certainty – I don’t like it.  I have a couple of acquaintances on Facebook who are constantly posting about how they don’t have any money, yet they post other statuses about things they’ve purchased recently which are certainly wants and not needs.  If they knew what it’s like to be so broke, you can’t buy medicine to make yourself well again, maybe they wouldn’t whine so much.  I don’t get the purpose of telling the world of Facebook about personal things like financial troubles.  Yes, I’m talking about mine here, but this is MY blog and MY thoughts.  I’m honestly shocked when someone mentions reading a post of mine.  Sometimes I forget that there’s more than just me reading what I write.  I know I’ll get out of this financial mess sometime, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.  I’m not giving up though.  I’ll climb my way out of this hole, if it’s the last thing I do.

Now I’ve made myself sad again.  Way to go, Nik.  (Yes, I talk to myself.  We already know I’m only a few more crazy moments away from the looney bin.)  Let’s think of something happy.  Sunshine.  Kitty cats.  Hugs.  Benedict Cumberbatch.  (Oh, please.  You had to know I was going there.)


How Very Pinterest-ing (Part II)!

My first post was getting a bit too long so I decided to continue it in another post.  Clever, aren’t I?

Hiddleston and Hemsworth



Seriously, could these two be any cuter?!

Cumberbatch and Hiddleston



This picture makes me giggle.  It’s one of my favorites.  Obviously.

I’ll Be Sleeping With Benedict Cumberbatch



No, I won’t actually buy this because on most days, I sleep next to my husband.  But if I were single, this would already be in the mail on its way to me.

Lego Grandpa



I already have Grandma, but I need Grandpa so they can go on little adventures together.  I’ve loved Legos since I was a kid.  Some things I never outgrow.




Airplane is one of my all-time favorite movies and when I saw this cartoon, I literally laughed out loud!  (More than once.)  This is, in a word, PERFECTION.

Retro Name Generator



This is fun!  John and I become Von and Tammy Waring.  My parents become Wallace and Fay Howell.  My brother would be Lawrence Howell.  My maternal grandparents would have been Gene and Kit Burr.  My paternal grandparents would have been Wallace and Belva Klugman.  I could play this game for hours!  (Okay, maybe just minutes.)  Try it!  It’s silly, but fun!

Reading With Tea and My Pi



My happy place is when I’m snuggled in a warm blanket with Pi on my lap, a book in my hand and hot tea or cocoa sitting next to me.

That’s all for now!  Follow me on Pinterest (here) for 8,000 more Benedict Cumberbatch pins!  (I’m only slightly exaggerating.)


How Very Pinterest-ing!

It’s time again to share with you some of my most recent favorite pins from Pinterest.  As always, you are more than welcome to follow me on Pinterest by clicking here:


80% of my pins are related to Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and the BBC’s Sherlock, but occasionally I find others that catch my eye.

Wonder Woman Mixer



If I had this, I’d actually enjoy cooking and baking.  HA HA HA!  I kid, I kid.  Nothing could make me enjoy cooking, not even this amazingly cool mixer, but it would look super cool on my kitchen counter!

The Big Bang Theory Cast as Lego People



WICKED COOL!  If only these were really for sale…

Me and John



This fits us perfectly.

Cat Rules



This blew me away!  Every…Single…Rule fits my feelings about Pi absolutely perfectly!  RESPECT MY CAT or be on my sh*t list forever!

Avengers vs. Magic Mike



Hemsworth, Ruffalo, Downey Jr., Renner, Hiddleston, Evans – Whew!  I got turned on just typing their names!  I own Avengers and Magic Mike and this explains why I’ve watched Avengers five times so far and Magic Mike only once (because John wanted to see what all the fuss was about).  I’d take any of these six over anyone in Magic Mike any day!



(I can’t seem to find where I pinned this, but I promise to give credit as soon as I find it.)

*sigh* These words melt my heart.  If anyone ever said these words to me (Benedict Cumberbatch, I’m talkin’ to you!), I would absolutely die.  (Figuratively, not literally.)  I wish grown-up love was like teenage love when we’d say things like this all the time – and actually truly feel like we mean them.  (I need a comma in there, I know, but it looks funny.  Trust me – As much as I hate grammar and spelling errors, I’m not perfect either.)

Cat Love



Pi has turned me into an even bigger crazy cat lady than I already was and, because of that, I need this.  It’s quite reasonably priced too (on sale for $8.00) so it may just be mine soon.  Isn’t it adorable?!




When I come home from work, I take care of all these things right after I walk through the door.  It’s rare that I’ll even take my shoes or coat off first.  I love taking care of Pi!


Wednesday Letters

I missed my Friday letters because I was outside most of the work day moving vehicles from one location to another.  I got to drive a dump truck and a brand-new Transit Connect!  (I’m such a geek about getting to drive different vehicles.  I’m still on cloud nine after driving a golf cart through the parking lot several months ago.)  

Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect




Dear Husband,

Thanks for seeing Thor:  The Dark World with me!  (And thanks for not getting upset when I accidentally said, “DAMN!” out loud when they showed Thor shirtless in a towel.)


Dear Marvel,

Please give Loki his own movie – NOW!


Dear Jaimie Alexander,

That dress.  WOW!


Dear Person Awaiting An Email From Me,

It’s coming.  I promise.

(This applies to more than one person so feel free to use it if it applies to you.)


Dear Husband,

Thanks for surprising me with dinner plans after we spent the afternoon raking leaves!  My meal was delicious, even though our waitress clearly couldn’t have cared less about us.  I love you!


Dear Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Hudson,

You girls are rockin’ that short hair!  Love it!


Dear Lindsey,

Thank you for the loan for a Diet Pepsi!  I can easily drink water or milk with dinner, but for some reason, I always need my pop at lunch.  You saved me from a grumpy afternoon.  THANKS!


Dear Mice In Our Office,

If you can find it, please enjoy that piece of Pirate’s Booty I apparently dropped into a black hole under my desk.


Dear Paul Simon,

We’re not sure how it’ll happen, but somehow my husband and I will be there to see you and Sting in February at the Palace of Auburn Hills.


Dear OB/GYN,

Thanks for telling me I looked more like 31 than 41 yesterday.  I don’t think that’s true as much as it used to be, but I appreciate the compliment anyway.


Dear Michigan,

Snow already?!  I thought I was ready for it, but it turns out I’m not.  May I suggest that you put the rest of the snow off until after Thanksgiving?  Thanks!


Dear Motivation,

Where have you gone and do you have any plans for returning?


Dear Totally Cute Pharmacy Tech at Walgreens,

Please stop giving me those flirty, smiley eyes when I pick up my prescriptions.  I’m a fat, old, married lady picking up my heart and anxiety medications.  You really don’t want a piece of that.


Dear Person Who May Or May Not Work In My Office,

I’m not sure how one person can be equally irritating and entertaining at the same time, but you do it.


Dear Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston,

What is it about you tall British boys that makes me feel like a teenager again?  If you ever want to have a Cumberbatch-Hiddleston Day of Fun, give me a call.  Read into that however you wish.  (There’s also a FRIENDS reference there, which you should always expect from me.)


Dear Future 8-Year Old Weekend Guest,

Please be good this weekend.  That is all.


Dear Husband,

How silly of you to think I only taped the Britannia Awards to see Benedict Cumberbatch!  What a silly, silly man you are!  Hahahahaha!  (So, um, yeah, you were right.)








Friday Letters

Dear Eminem,

Your new CD is out in only a few days!  SCREAM!!!  You are always totally worth the wait.

Dear Tom Hanks,

You need an Oscar for those last fifteen minutes of Captain Phillips.  I was sobbing before I even realized I was sobbing.  You…were…incredible!

Dear Jim Leyland,

I’m going to miss seeing you in the dugout, but I know you’re only doing what you need to do.  Thanks for so many great Detroit Tigers memories!  GO TIGERS!

Dear Charlotte,

My days are always better when I hear from you!  I love you so much!

Dear Jim,

When I decided I was ready to give up my longtime love, the Boston Red Sox, you were the first person I thought of and I was instantly imagining how proud of me you’d be.  I’m still not a Yankees fan, but I think you’ll accept my Tigers admiration, almost as much.

Dear Mom,

Thanks for always being there to listen to my ramblings and my odd neurotic tangents without ever judging me or making me feel like I’m completely insane, which we both know I sometimes am.  I also love when we read the same books on our Kindles.  I love sharing that with you!  You are my very best friend and i love you – always.

Dear Dad and Matt,

I’m beyond excited to spend time together with everyone soon!  I love you!

Dear Pi,

I can hardly wait to get through this work day so I can come home and cuddle with you.  I love you, sweet kitty!

Dear Husband,

I apologize for being Queen B*tch last night.  I had a headache from wearing my Halloween wig all day long and I just wanted to stay home and watch movies with you and Pi, but you insisted on driving a half hour each way to see a 2 hour and 14 minute movie.  I’m glad I finally caved and decided to stop being a witch and go with you.  Those last minutes of the movie were worth it all.

Dear Marissa,

The plans are Chuck E. Cheese and FREE BIRDS this weekend!  I hope you enjoy them both!  I love seeing movies with you.  Your adorable little laugh warms my heart!

Dear Weekend,

I couldn’t get through most weeks without you.  Thank you for always being there.

Dear Lindsey,

I wish I could see the midnight showing of Catching Fire with you.  If I beg you enough, I hope you’ll see it a second time with me.  I’ve been playing a Hunger Games app I found on my Kindle Fire and it’s really awesome with beautiful graphics!  It’s making me want to see Catching Fire even more!!  #TeamGale

Dear Michael Jackson,

No matter where I am – car/work/home/grocery store – and I hear one of your songs, I always have to stop, sing and dance a little.  Your music is timeless.